DeeDee and DanDan’s busy day


    The first DeeDee and DanDan’s book concentrates on ordinary, everyday life.

    ISBN- 9781916395503
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    Children will love this book with its simple sentences, familiar settings and colourful illustrations. DeeDee and DanDan’s Busy Day will show you an effective way to read with your child, and teach you how to make reading an interactive adventure.

    Use the research-driven system developed by the authors and watch your child’s speech improve and their vocabulary grow, as together, you follow a day in the life of DeeDee and DanDan.

    The format follows normal child development: firstly, understanding simple words and recognising objects and activities; secondly, the ability to say simple words and answer simple questions; and thirdly, the ability to explain cause and effect.

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    DeeDee and DanDan